G Suite Tips for Outlook Users

For many years, business users became used to Microsoft Outlook, causing them be fixed to the well known regardless of the alternatives. In almost any G Suite deployment we notice that some of the users insist on keeping their Outlook rather than switching to Gmail or Inbox interface. Although both Gmail and Inbox are advanced cloud solutions that offer a a better functionality without the boredom of maintaining a local software, some users still prefers Outlook.  But is it really still necessary?

From analyzing the main reasons that prevents users from switching to Gmail / Inbox right away we can now offer three simple tips to make the switch much easier:

  1. Changing the side label’s width:
    In my opinion Gmail labels, which replaces Outlook’s folders, are not even always necessary since you can easily search in a flash for what you need. However, Outlook users are used to the nested folders, and sometimes the side labels width is not enough to display them. A simple Google Chrome extension called “Gmail Label Column Resizer” can change that.
  2. Adding Gmail preview pane:
    Use if you want to see the list of emails plus the content of the message you click on without opening it. Under the settings gear in Gmail Go to the Labs category and enable the “preview pane.”
  3. Turn conversation view off:
    When people reply to an email, Gmail groups responses together in a single conversation with the newest message on top. Outlook users may be more comfortable by turning it off. Under the setting gear in Gmail, staying in the “General” tab, scroll down to “Conversation View ” and choose “Conversation view off.”

Now that you made a big step towards the cloud , you are ready to say goodbye to Outlook and enjoy a more advanced tool integrated with all the other great Google Apps products. As a certified Google Cloud Partner SimplyApp can help you plan, deploy and support your entire G Suite project environment. Contact us today for additional details.

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