Moving your File Server to Google Drive

Google Drive is one of Google’s G Suite core components. It allows you to sync and store your files in one secure place and to access them whenever you need them, without the boredom in opening a secured VPN tunnel or the risk of accidental data loss. Google Drive is also fully integrated with other core services like Gmail, Google Docs and Google Sites.

With a basic storage of 30 GB that can grow to unlimited for only $10 per user per month (with min. of 5 users) I’m frequently asked if Google Drive can replace the organization’s on premise file server and gain better functionality with lower costs. The simple answer is: yes, as long as you understand and carefully plan your deployment.

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What’s in Google G Suite for You?

If you are running a small to medium business you are probably using some free cloud service like, you may even use Gmail on Google G Suite, on your own domain. For many users G Suite is only an email solution with a calendar, that all. But if you ever clicked on the apps icon you may have noticed that there is much more in your package but you didn’t really know how to take real advantage out of it, how to increase your efficiency and maximize your ROI.​

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