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Moving your File Server to Google Drive

Google Drive is one of Google’s G Suite core components. It allows you to sync and store your files in one secure place and to access them whenever you need them, without the boredom in opening a secured VPN tunnel or the risk of accidental data loss. Google Drive is also fully integrated with other […]

What’s in Google G Suite for You?

If you are running a small to medium business you are probably using some free cloud service like gmail.com, you may even use Gmail on Google G Suite, on your own domain. For many users G Suite is only an email solution with a calendar, that all. But if you ever clicked on the apps […]

G Suite Tips for Outlook Users

For many years, business users became used to Microsoft Outlook, causing them be fixed to the well known regardless of the alternatives. In almost any G Suite deployment we notice that some of the users insist on keeping their Outlook rather than switching to Gmail or Inbox interface. Although both Gmail and Inbox are advanced cloud […]